Hauwei Mate-X Upcoming Smartphone

Apr 29, 2020 Administrator News 88 hits

Hauwei Mate-X Upcoming Smartphone

Huawei has revealed the design details of the future folding smartphone. This design would follow the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with a large main screen that folds inward and an external display for use closer to a smartphone. But there is a distinct feature as well.

Huawei and Samsung were the first two major brands to present a folding smartphone. You know the names of the first two products, which hit the headlines throughout 2019: Mate X and Galaxy Fold, respectively. They were recently joined by two other models: the Mate Xs, the updated model of the Mate X and financial chasm, and the Galaxy Z Flip, a competitor to the Motorola Razr.

Initially, Huawei and Samsung's strategy was very similar in terms of use but radically opposite in terms of design. The two brands have chosen to create a smartphone that can be transformed into a tablet (or vice versa). There some similarities, the Mate X folds outward, its screen wrapping around the smartphone. And the Galaxy Fold folds inside, requiring the integration of a secondary screen when the phone is folded.

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