Samsung's 250 megapixel camera is under construction

May 03, 2020 Administrator News 84 hits

Samsung's 250 megapixel camera is under construction

Samsung recently revealed that it wants to surpass the 600-megapixel resolution smartphones, which is considered equivalent to the image of the human eye. Sure, there’s still a long way to go for the 600-megapixel sensors, but maybe not as much as we might think at first.

Recently, the 108-megapixel camera has become a big fashion in the world of mobile phones due to marketing, Samsung is at the forefront of making these, and as a matter of fact, they are reported to have already completed the 150-megapixel sensor. This will be used by Xiaomi for the first time in this year’s new mobile, and Samsung is already working on a 250-megapixel camera sensor, according to Chinese sources. The Galaxy S20 Ultra's 108-megapixel sensor is otherwise 1 / 1.33-inch, while the 250-megapixel sensor can be larger than 1/1 inch.

The big question is how long the manufacturers will intensify the megapixel war, as the thing has plenty of negatives beyond the fact that it sounds good to combine many megapixels and pixels for the supposedly better quality. Tests so far have shown that due to the larger sensors, there is hardly any area in close-ups that stays in focus, so an older mobile often takes sharper images overall, and because of the large sensor, only a small area of ​​the photo remains sharp in close-ups. Of course, high resolution also results in larger file sizes and slower save times, and Google Photos free storage also has trouble saving them (saving has often not worked for such images, and if so, the storage already compresses photos to 16 megapixels). for free accounts).

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