What are the new features in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

May 26, 2020 Administrator News 60 hits

What are the new features in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It is clear from leaked images that the Samsung foldable smartphone is similar to the original Galaxy Fold. This foldable smartphone has an outside camera system. However, a prominent new addition is the second long notification display on the back. The narrow display is likely to have its own unique functionality that allows readers to access notifications without unfolding their Galaxy Fold 2.

The Foldable smartphones are featured with the waterproof structure or water-resistant nature. According to the patent,  the design structure of the device is made to be waterproof to protect its internal components. Although how the smartphone manages to achieve this feature is still unknown. Other details regarding the patented handset include a dual-camera setup on the front and back alongside necessary.

Foldable smartphones have generally been considered too expensive to mass-produce, with OEMs generally facing losses even when sold in limited quantities. Thus, an addition of a secondary display and water resistance protection might make things more difficult. But, it may still be possible in the near future and Samsung is probably capable of developing such a smartphone.

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