Smartphone Sales dropped by 20% Globally

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Smartphone Sales dropped by 20% Globally

In most parts of the world, the corona pandemic has hit the economy badly hardest since March 2020. In spite of that, the phone sales statistics for the first quarter of the year are exposed.

ZDNet writes that market research Gartner Inc. says telephone sales have been dropped by as much as 20.1 % in the first three months of the year as compared to the same period from last year. 

If practically one out of five phones has not been sold, there is enough worry for almost all the smartphone manufacturers. However, the exception is Chinese Xiaomi, who has gained a good room in the international market for its Redmi phones. Its aggressive online sales have also been effective.

The worst cases have been faced by the two largest manufacturers, Samsung (-23%) and Huawei (-27%). Samsung's figures could have been even darker, but china's corona situation wasn't quite as much a blow to it as much for many others. The market leader Samsung has not been able to do nearly the same way in China as elsewhere and China has little influence on its production either. 

Apple is ranked third with only an 8.2 percent drop in sales. This is how the top two smartphone companies dropped sales and it might expect the worst in the next quarter of the year 2020, smartphone companies are under serious threat for the 3rd Quarter.

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